Ancient mysteries

Have had a good time reading about the ancient mysteries which are claimed to hidden till the day. I was going well with the books regarding the ancient treasures, though the treasure i am talking about is not the worldly treasure or the material treasure, it is in fact the wisdom that lots of people around the world presume exists and say that it remains hidden within a secret brothern apparently called the masons. Well, i guess there is truly such wisdom, such knowledge somewhere hidden in the world but then i don’t believe that if someone gets to that wisdom he eventually heads to a transformation, which most of the people around the world believe. I think the alchemist’s quest to turn lead into gold will never ever be possible, never possible because of the human character unless  until there is a will of supreme power that runs this world- Allah. The belief of this sacred knowledge is rampant in the Europe and in a America and people around the world think that the powerful and rich in Europe are the mason and those are type people running the economy of the world and in turn the political scenarios. I totally agree with them to some extant, but i believe that the secret knowledge that the world presumes circulates between them, is long lost. lost in the times of powerful church.


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