The Curfewed Night

The Curfewed Night a beautiful potrail of the ground situation in Kashmir by Basharat Peer. I just finished this book, its breathtakingly true. Peer has mingled the history of Kashmir, the emergence of violence, the current affairs and the socio- political sense in this debut. Though in-between it felt as if it is an autobiography of him and at times it happened to be a sort of travel guide and sometimes a printed version of a documentary. Anyways it is a very good debut, and the most important thing is that Peer is dared to speak the truth about the military situation in Kashmir. The book has a big par dealing with the interrogation centers in Kashmir especially the Papa-2, the account of which sends chills down your nerve. It gives the reader a first hand account of the life in Kashmir and I really loved the thirst in Peer for the love of his nation-Kashmir. Moreover its fabulously written and while reading it seems you are at home.


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