Change is for Good

Today the air had some aroma in it,

it reminded me of the times, past by,

When I would keep my bare feet on the cold earth

with ecstatic enthusiasm of  boyhood,

When My mind was free of the pressure of the Manhood

and my soul was free as ever, in its own world of desire and Life.

But then something had happened…….???????

That just lead to the elope of my desires, and my heart wandered

Lost in the grim silence and in the ebb of what befell.

Some stranger had done me in……..

Casting its spell on my thoughts, wandering thoughts.

It brought the worldly gloom with it,

Mesmerized my way of thinking,,,the spell had all in it…to have me follow its caster.

And there was the tormentor of my heart, with

Its beautiful teeth quite visible on the success prey, And

its eyes bright with the execution,

It separated me from myself, from what I was

For sometime I was not What I was,

And I was What I never Was

Then, the  self of my wayward body caught the glimpse of the diplomatic and iron-hearted tyrant,

And I was free again, my ownself and that desire rejuvenated

For long it last, happen to dagger a few, here and there

but eventually stood on its own in the Wilderness on what had befallen…

I could sense the belief of my early childhood

But then, as if kept in dark by night, it happened again…as if shimmering sun brought it out from nowhere

The caster came back, and that too so far-off from its ground,

though this time I did it in….

I kept my Promise to a Dear Friend, who advised me otherwise at the beginning of cascade of episodes,

I know He would be jolly on my decision and my Precision.



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Born in a conflict & caught between Scylla and Charybdis, trying to find my way out of the fracas/Geneticist/Writer. In the day I study and work on Human Diseases and during night I spend some time to write on Human Divide and Conflict.

One thought on “Change is for Good”

  1. This z beautifulllllll, fabulousssssssss, ossommmmm & greattttt………..
    keep it up buddy………
    best of luck 4 everything.

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