I Am A Solider (Part-I)

I am a Solider of a Sacred Army,  Sacred Land

I go  into a troth for the honor of my Nation.

I am apt for  a fight, no matter What.

I carry out the orders with great Zest.

I run, ya I walk, I’m a tireless Panther,,,,,

ardent for a Prey…..

I am A Solider of a Sacred Army, Sacred Land.

The Battle brings me to Spirit…

to the life of a Sapper, Ignites an inferno inside me….

The whiz of  bullets prattles my blood….

My heart retorts the ignition, so do my limbs.

I Am A Solider of a Sacred Army, Scared Land.

I Play with the fusillade, O ya thats what you dread of..

I aim and I hit in chorus,,

I don’t jounce on a flak, neither do I recede…

I Requite withal a pit.

I exuberate  with each triumph.

I Am A Solider of a Sacred Army, Sacred Land.

I don’t decamp on an incursion,

I fight to the end of it,,,,

Follow the epigram to do or die…

I synchronize my mind and body for the shrill effect,

a catalyst and a throttle to my stint.

I Am A solider of a Sacred Army, Sacred Land.

Take a tour of my physique,  so burly..

Delve  into my eyes, an edifice of precision.

Hack into my Heart, a quarry of  scruples….

Inquire into my head, a fossa, of  decree.

A machine as I am so veracious,,,,

I Am a Solider of a Sacred Army, Sacred Land.

I consign you the sleepy nights for my sleeplessness,

The missiles fly over my head sometimes flabbergast my senses,

But ya i have learnt to hold-on, and ingest the fear.

I snuggle-up my artillery and prime for an assult

I would conceit my Death to Battle rather to a disease.

I Am A solider, I Am a Solider

My Nation is Sacred so are my Colleagues




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Researcher in Chromatin Biology. Science/Politics. Words for @ForeignPolicy @etribune @GreaterKashmir

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