Mass Unmarked Graves in Kashmir

This is a recent development in Indian Occupied Kashmir that as many as 2730 unmarked graves have been found, greater to embarrassment of the World community rather than the World Human Rights Watch. According to the SHRC (State Human Rights Commission), a body functioning under the Indian Government and answerable to the same, the graves have been located at 38 different sites throughout Kashmir.
For the information of all, during the past 20 years of Kashmiri Struggle against the Indian Occupation, there have been thousands of disappearances besides thousands of custodial disappearances. The government acknowledging the fact, though, puts the number to just a paltry 4000, which still is a huge number considering that we are talking about Humans and not about animals,  however, the number is almost the double in figures with Human Rights Organisations and other NGO’s. The common belief now among the public is that, the encounters that Indian army termed as the foils of infiltration bids, where actually conducted in cold-blood and the people arrested where then killed in those fake encounters.
In march of 2010, the Indian government and the World community was baffled to the revealation of 464 unidentified people killed which where unearthed in an incident. The question is for how long is the world community and particularly, the Kashmiri community going to rise to the days when the get to hear about mass graves. Furthermore, the mass belief is that this could not be called the end, there could be many more.
The incidents reflect in a Novel by a Kashmiri-British citizen also, the book namely, The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed deals a great part of it with the process of formation of these mass graves. Like always after pounding innocents and killings people like animals, the Indian government has ordered a probe, which people believe is not going to lead anywhere as there are hundreds of such probes ordered to divert the Human sentiment, which actually is a time gaining tactics, and never turn up with results on ground.
The Kashmir Community is waiting, fingers crossed, to get a know-how of their ones, disappeared, atleast, to keep their return, flame of hope run out of wax, burning.
…………………………………………..Ikram Ullah


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