The interlocutors

With a usual practice of buying time the

The Divide Kashmir
The Divided Kashmir

Government of India appointed a panel of three interlocutors who for the matter of fact are not the state subjects of Jammu & Kashmir, after the uprising of the last summer which eventually came to a halt with the death of 124 civilians, among which is a considerable number of youth below 20 years of age. The interlocutors were appointed as a praxis. Though the people in Kashmir knew that this was a move to divert the sentiments. The interlocutors where given the proletariat to find the reasons for the mass revolt in Kashmir and were also indebted to find measures which would throw a check-line for such events in the future, and also to find a reasonable solution to this long lasting issue. The committee was given a time frame of 1 year to submit its report.
Now that the deadline was yesterday 13th of october 2011, the three musketeers submitted their report along with their findings without asking for any extensions. The report has nothing new in it, it believes that the sentiment of freedom for Kashmir among kashmiris lies in confidence building measures (CBMs), by providing economic packages and off course their much hyped jobs. Now a population of 13 millions in Kashmir and other people with their sense of sensibility in good health are contemplating about the fact that what solution could we have expected from a bunch of people who dimensionalize our Azadi sentiment rendering it to mere jobs and economic packages. They seem to ignore the fact that Kashmir has lost more than 100,000 of its population for self determination, and the sacrifice of those martyrs can’t be just let go for economic packages, as we are a nation(Kashmir) of conscience. With the forefront on this report, the India has once again proved that it is not really serious about solving the issue. It has done this time and again to show the world community that we are trying to engage in some sort of solution, no matter how absurd it could be.
This serves as an eye opener to all those who believe that India is serious about the issue and wants to resolve it. Moreover, the seperatist faction in Kashmir alienated themselves from any talks with the group owing to the bitter experiences and their insight that such measures are futile.
The people in Kashmir would now be more satisfied with the fact that there needs an effort from every nook and corner to push for the logical solutions of their conflict from within the region and that the Indians can’t be trusted anymore.
Furthermore, the report was submitted in the backdrop of a life threatening attack on Prashant Bhushan, a noted Supreme Court Lawyer, who had put forth his view of Plebiscite for the Kashmir solution. This also reflects the negativity and the intolerance among the common Indians. Now to wrap up, i would like to quote Tennessee williams saying ” caged birds can accept each other but flight is what they long for”.
…………………………………………………………………………….Ikram Ullah


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