Where there was a road

a turn lead me astray,

On a traverse, that lead to none,

Far fetched from the Realism

into the hazy dreams of the day

I could see nothing but illusion…..

Distant across on the Sea,

the shore sun-lit by the day,

And, the sand chilled spine in the night,

I hit upon a creature,

it told me of its Behavior,,,

Of the Light and the Night,

And the Poor, and, the Might….

Of the Truth and the Lie,

And the People, and, the Cry…

It shared with me the secrets of the Sea…

The Ship and the Freight,

the Depth and the Tide,

the Sailor and the Knight,

the Matter and the Fight……

Thence, told me of my lost track,

held upon a hand to the Sky…..

And narrowed on a Constellation.

Whence, I reached my way,

Guided by the signs in the Sky,,,,

I Prayed for the Creature.

The morning sun blew breath in me,

Hence, I gotta know of the Illusion….

I Woke-up to a new Knowledge

that of a Creature and the Sea

…………………………………………….Ikram Ullah


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Researcher in Chromatin Biology. Science/Politics. Words for @ForeignPolicy @etribune @GreaterKashmir

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