Today I cerebrate about my Past and Present,

Having moved over another yard

Apprehensive about my Future

I contemplate, who I Am?

My unanimity in this World,

Amidst  my paladins and my peers,


My stake of Life and jeer.

A fervor of being distinguished,

A thought of glorification,

A wish of quintessence,

Marvelous  demeanor,  And

a character of revered.


I discern that I have none,

with no regimen,

I see myself a commoner.

Adjure if this is the end?

Unconfined and unfettered end.


But my eyes do not cry

neither does my heart squander,

it tells me to be contended.,

to adore what I acquire,

And seek of what is attainable.

Lest should you crave for popularity,


Rather, bow down to the One

Who blessed  you with surfeit.

I perceive how fortunate I am,

bestowed with a  Family,

And a battery of friends.


With my hands clasped

I lay them down on earth

And bow in appreciation,

with the voice of my heart

I say, Thank You God,

Thank You God


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Researcher in Chromatin Biology. Science/Politics. Words for @ForeignPolicy @etribune @GreaterKashmir

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