Who set My City Ablaze

Who set my City Ablaze

And ran, for us to chase.

In the midst of this Haze

They’ve run away, for us to amaze.

Petrifying each of us under this glaze

Horrified, our expressions are Agaze.

I looked around and saw hearts broken,

Some people bawling and some shaken,

Others, flabbergasted as if their souls taken.

Astonished at the look of the  inferno…

slewing the  fragile wood carvings,

And, the art of exotic paint.

Crumbling down the structure of Ages

With it, the wisdom in pages.

The fire scalded the possession of Sages,

Someone’s hopes and somebody’s messianic beliefs,

impounded from me the seraphic berth…

Of reverence and introspection.

In the deep anguish we cry

Aghast if we could ever know why?

The oracular fire recurred again

ingurgitating yet another Shrine.

Leaving us appalled in a state of obloquy

Biting our nails, think’in if it is a lie.

……………………………………………….(Ikram Ullah)

Published By- Algonquin’s Table and Kashmir Dispatch


Published by


Researcher in Chromatin Biology. Science/Politics. Words for @ForeignPolicy @etribune @GreaterKashmir

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