My Valley

I belong to a Valley so grandiose…Kashmir-zitilites

Guarded by the Young fold Himalayas, And

estranged by the mighty Pir Panchal

mystified by the tranquility of Jehlum, and

Restlessness of the great Lidr…


I belong to a Valley so exquisite.

She mothered the mystic Nund resh…..And

blew breath in the eloquent Lal Ded..

Whose shrukhs and waakhs petrify the generations after them..


I belong to a Valley so forlorn…

By the imperialistic want of the modern world…

Torn into parts and ruptured into the Prowess, for helm of theirs

Turned into a Stalingrad…And,

Commuted into Red Square but without a Kremlin Wall.


I belong to a Valley so Dreary…

Where Khazr is still in thoughts next to Walur

Pondering over the fate of his being a century old now.

Where posts are still perplexed without a post office…And,

Aga is no more seeing it in Midnight from Delhi..


I belong to a Valley so Bereft….

Where traitors enjoy the throne of  res publica..

Where Jibran’s words still hold good

for a nation to Pity.


But, I belong to a Valley so Clued-up..

Where Inayats bleed for the cause of Khazr

Where Young fall for the pride of their old…

Where masses congregate for intifada…

Where Roushans holds stones in the breath. And,


Where I contemplate

I belong to a Valley so Bonnie

Still called the Paradise on Earth

Stupefying a Persian King. And,

Still revered to bring back into life, a cooked rooster.

With my roots here , I still belong here

to a Valley so Ravishing.



1)       Pir Panchal- Mountainous Range that surrounds Kahmir on one part.

2)      Jehlum– A river that flows slow and smooth, in peace, right through the heart of Kashmir, Srinagar.

3)      Lidr- A river  that flows fast and hard through Pahalgham

4)      Nund Resh- A 13th century saint

5)      Lal Ded- A 13th Century  poetess and saint.

6)      Shruks- Noble sayings of Nund Resh

7)      Wakhs-Noble sayings of Lal Ded

8)      Khazr-Metaphor for common Kashmiri

9)      Walur- A Lake in Kashmir


Publishedby The Kashmir Walla on Dec 07, 2012


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Researcher in Chromatin Biology. Science/Politics. Words for @ForeignPolicy @etribune @GreaterKashmir

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