Liberalism, is this where we are heading?

Mises_Liberalism_cloud800Time, as is known, changes the perspectives of people, taking them out of caliginous dark into the illuminating light, driven by the wisdom of knowledge. Time, however, also changes an opulent and prosperous society into a corrupt and despicable slum if the values of morality and conscientiousness are relinquished, leaving that society in the perils of nothingness and I fear that our society, the society of Grand Saints is following the later order of time. With a sudden influx of money and with it, the technology, our society, particularly our youth, seem to have failed in the judicial use of this technology and thus have lost the distinction between morality and lewdness; the Halal and Haraam.

More than often our young generation, which is, by each day, growing more and more obdurate with the “western definition of  Liberalism”, loosing their moral sense of distinction between right and wrong.  It appears, from the growing instances of felony, that our youth  hold no regard for the values and principles that have been guiding our society for centuries. Instead, the malignant crop of “self-proclaimed liberalism” is occupying our young minds at a very dangerous pace. This is evident from the liberal rants growing across almost all the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Some weeks back I was stunned to see posts on a Facebook Community called “18+ confessions-J&K” and within just a couple of days our Kashmiri youth were prowling the page so much so that it received more than ten thousand likes within a week. The question or the objection is surely not toward the popularity of the page, however, toward the adult content that our youth are posting. Instead of concealing their sins according to the Islamic jurisprudence, some people follow the Christian discourse of “Confession” and go onto confess their sexual endeavors while others cry for their broken relations. Of course there is no proof that accounts towards the credibility of these confessions and can be to some extent fake, however, what is alarming is the support that these youth provide to each other, consoling somebody on his broken relationship, encouraging somebody on confessing his/her sexual encounters and exhorting others with their advice towards dalliance. This shows that our youth are getting more and more receptive to such alien culture under the guise of liberal behavior and being liberal.

While doing so they are ignoring what Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said, “My entire nation is safe, except Al-Mujahirin (those who boast of their sins). Among the Mujaharah is that a man commits an evil act, and wakes up in the morning while Allah has kept his (sin) a secret, he says, “O so and so! Last night I did this and that.” He goes to sleep while Allah has kept his (sins) a secret but he wakes up in the morning and uncovers what Allah had kept a secret” (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

Liberalism is sprawling into our society at a serious pace. Today our youth consider inter-mingling of sexes as a liberal behavior and a part of inter-personal development, the illicit relationships have become very common among the college youth,  and those who obviate from such behavior are bullied anti-social, anti-liberal and conservatives. The effects of liberalism are evident in language as well, these days, Kashmiri boys and girls, without any hesitation and openly use slang, even the “F word” is getting prominence in the so-called liberal talk. When I wrote against the cultural aggression in our society “Schools First, Greater Kashmir, Nov 7, 2012” I received a considerable amount of feedback in my mail from the liberals in our society who denounced me as narrow-minded and fundamentalist. Most of them were presumably youth.

When I contemplated on this growing menace and immoral behavior of our teenage youth I found something missing in our young population and that is “Darazgah”. When we were young, the Darazgah or Madrassa formed a very important part of our education which helped us in the distinction between Halaal and Haraam. These days, particularly, in colonies, there is no Darazgah culture and hence our youth are missing out on very important sources of moral and character building, thereby, they are becoming susceptible to the foreign ideologies that contradict with the teachings of Islam. The blame thus lies among adult population equally. The parents should make it a point to have their children enrolled in the Darazgahs so that they be able to differentiate an Islamic act from an un-Islamic one. If  the growing immorality in the name of Liberalism is ignored, I wander where we are  heading toward and what our future generations would be like!

Published By The Kashmir Walla on July 26, 2013


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