Hazel Eyes


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Like in a gushing creek, that sways
into trembling the tender florets on the shore.
Hypnotizing the mind with the eyes,
into a dream with a lore.
Ah! that reeling which lurches the feet,
into a wobble that admonishes summer’s yore.
Such are your Hazel eyes my dove
that I unremittingly adore.

And the time my eyes met yours;
in the lap of your seminary,
Hooked they were, in the midst of awe,
to the sight of my fairy.
And the smile that eloped your lips
made my heart beat in binary;
Lub dub lost the norm
searching to meet yours in syncrasy.

Love was it, I had fallen into
looking at your delicacy
Praying to God for our union
so I relate to your intricacy.
The slow flutter of your lips
as if the hymns in aristocracy
And I wonder in fantasy
of the giggles in our intimacy.

Be as gentle, be as wise
be the best in the Rise.
Be as faithful, be as truthful
be the perfect of them all.

And, I shall crave for you as always
in the tide of my Life;
Beseeching for our love to thrive
in here and the Afterlife.

Published by Kindle Magazine on December 08, 2014