What is wrong with Muslims today?

downloadAs I am compiling this piece there is crisis in almost entire Muslim world. There is a proxy war going on in Syria where thousands have already lost their lives, Egypt has erupted into a Civil war with fissures deep into the nation after Democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi was toppled by General Al-Sisi in one of the world’s most shameful coup; Pakistan has lost its integrity with its people divided on all grounds among fundamentalists and far-Liberals, both unable to stand each other, and hence, annihilating the national interests into speckles of gunfire on every argument. Sudan, which was till recently, Africa’s largest Islamic nation divided, with south Sudan in deep crisis right now. Iraq after Saddam, has seen Sunni’s and Shia’s blowing up each other in Mosques, buses and on roads. Afghanistan, which once prematurely and insanely celebrated the fall of Taliban by American onslaught, is now incurably debilitated into pieces of dirt and sand, with its people sick of American toys capable of shooting hell-fire missiles at them from skies.

These are a few in a long list of Islamic nations that are in one or the other degree of conflict with itself or with the rest of the world. It inflicts pain in my heart to see Islamic nations in shatters, its people in a mad race of arms, killing each other on alibi which they call “revolution” and boast of it as “Jihad”- the holy war. I really don’t understand how terribly mentally challenged could these people be to kill a human who they differ with on politico-ideological front and deem it Islamic.

Most of the violence in the Muslim world particularly in Middle-East began with “Arab Spring” which was a result of decades of autocratic and authoritarian rule. It was at the individual level, for and by the people towards positive change. Change that would provide them freedom at discrete and collective levels, and accountability for the people at helm. Change that was supposed to bring Arab nations out of oblivion and away from the western influences into the affairs of running the nations. In Egypt, unexpectedly and to the disgust of US, it up-rooted America’s long ally Hosni Mubarak who in order to amuse his western masters always choose not to interfere into the atrocities in the neighboring Palestine by Israel and in their favor blocked all the passages of exit from Gaza at times when Israel would bomb this small strip of densely populated land, an example of a loyal Dog he had set up.

Interesting to analyze is how this movement for the upliftment, advancement and unity, which would mean lesser foreign influence in the political matters was hijacked and used as an impetus to divide the same people who started and took part in it. Today, after a couple of years of its inception, Arab Spring has turned into a monster with a killing machine in its hands, inexorably conquering city after city and village after village in the Arab World, leaving rubble of bodies on streets, ripples of divide running strong into the inhabitants which now have turned into factions and sub-factions, each interested in defending its own small group from the other. The hijack of the emotions and situation is such that the Muslims (term “Muslims” has been used deliberately instead of “people” to signify the gravity of the decline in the sense of brotherhood within the community) of a nation are being made to recognize and realize subtle ideological differences or differential interpretations of their religion as lines of separation and factionalism.

The western Powers who are always on prowl for acquiring more and more resource- filled Muslim lands, particularly, the Arabian Peninsula, seem to delve onto their ever favorite “regime change” policy, should there be any hindrance in their foreign policy goals by the existing regimes. Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya (North Africa) are the proven examples where Western powers, particularly, United States, meddled into the internal affairs of sovereign nations, provoked people against their regimes which had become unfavorable for western interests and aggravated them into fighting each other. The proxy wars thus began, fuelled by the evoked sectarian sentiments and the supply of arms and ammunition from CIA and others. In Syria, Shia and Sunni interpretations of Islam have been so grossly exploited that the Sunni Muslims (which form the major part of the so-called rebels) cannot stand to be ruled by Bashar Al- Asad, a Shia Muslim. The situation is immensely distressing, to the extent that Abu Sakkar, the beast in the skin of a man (Commander of the Farouq Brigade, a major rebel group fighting against government troops), not only kills his fellow brothers, who till recently were regarded as great soldiers of the Syrian government, but chops out their hearts with sharp knives and eats them whilst chanting Allah u Akbar. What a shame!

Dread in their eyes and out for manslaughter with guns and bazookas provided by the Western Powers to kill their own brethren for the benefit of their masters and they call themselves Muslims. What a mental condition these men are inflicted with not to observe the fact that they are waging a war against their own people, for and under the guidance of people, who do no service to the Humanity unless for their “national interests”, which often cross all borders and become “international”. What a shameful mis-understanding of situation these people are into, believing that these super powers are concerned with the development of the people of Arab. Doing so they are ignoring what these proponents of democracy did in Iraq and Libya; and they played a significant role to topple democratically elected leadership of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In this profane carnage Muslims are massacring fellow Muslims whilst shamelessly calling upon Allah u Akbar. Even women and children are not spared. Sadly, this whole affair is costing not only Muslims as individuals but Islam as a religion. Two of the Islam’s historical mosques, Khalid bin Waleed Mosque in Homs and Umayyad Mosque in Damascus caught fire in the cross-firing. The image of Islam as a religion of peace has been devastated. Muslims are considered to be the people with fundamentalist approach to society which is exactly opposite to what Islam actually teaches but then as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”.

It is important for Muslims to analyze any given situation in a rationale sense and that is what Islam taught. Islam teaches tolerance, patience and civility even in worst possible scenarios. It taught brotherhood among the community and with non-Muslims. Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) taught us the affairs of rule, and; the manners through which to seek change of rulers. I feel terribly sorry that Muslims instead of safeguarding each other are rather collaborating with forces that want us divided for their sinister interests. It is extremely important to propagate kinship and not let another Reconquista smudge the face of Muslims.

May Allah guide the Muslims to the right path and make us able to distinguish between friends and foes!

Published By Rising Kashmir on February 01, 2014